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Rogue Eagle Out of the book box from Moem. Synopsis in the mountains of Lesotho a secret organisation plots a terrorist outrage that could throw South Africa into political turmoil. PDF Epub Rogue Eagle Author James McClure Ivogue.co.uk Wolraad Steyn, His Palms Sweating, Clasped And Unclasped The Hand That Would Plunge The Dagger His Father Noticed This And Frowned They Were Standing Apart From The Other Dark Suited And Solemn Men Gathered There In That Farmhouse.He Who Betrays The Brotherhoodwill Be Destroyed By The Brotherhood The Brotherhood Never Forgets Its Vengeance Is Swift And Sure Never Has A Traitor Escaped His Just Punishment High In The Mountains Of LEsotho An Elite Secret Organisation Plots A Terrorist Outrage That Could Throw South Africa Into Political Turmoil.

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