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Want Grappling With Motherhood, Economic Anxiety, Rage, And The Limits Of Language, Want Is A Fiercely Personal Novel That Vibrates With Anger, Insight, And LoveElizabeth Is Tired Years After Coming To New York To Try To Build A Life, She Has Found Herself With Two Kids, A Husband, Two Jobs, A PhD And Now They Re Filing For Bankruptcy As She Tries To Balance Her Dream And The Impossibility Of Striving Toward It While Her Work And Home Lives Feel Poised To Fall Apart, She Wakes At Ungodly Hours To Run Miles By The Icy River, Struggling To Quiet Her ThoughtsWhen She Reaches Out To Sasha, Her Long Lost Childhood Friend, It Feels Almost Harmless One Of Those Innocuous Ruptures That Exist Online, In Texts But Her Timing Is Uncanny Sasha Is Facing A Crisis, Too, And Perhaps After Years Apart, Their Shared Moments Of Crux Can Bring Them Back Into Each Other S LivesIn Want, Lynn Steger Strong Explores The Subtle Violences Enacted On A Certain Type Of Woman When She Dares To Want Things And All The Various Violences In Which She Implicates Herself As She Tries To Survive

About the Author: Lynn Steger Strong

Lynn Steger Strong was born and raised in South Florida and received an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University where she also taught Freshman Writing She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two small girls.

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    Lynn Steger Strong s Want reads like a highly personal confession of various wants the want of money and stability in one s life and career the want of providingstability for one s children, as well as support emotional, financial, and otherwise for one s spouse and also the want of creating lasting ties and friendships amid a world where technology has made us feel that people are closer, an

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    This is one of my favorite kind of books where I breezed through it in a couple days but there were countless points where I had to stop and appreciate a turn of phrase or a character trait description or something clever or the speaking of some truth that I identified with The narration is in the present tense, with sections from past and present flowing together as one which had the beautiful effec

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    All that talking, years of reading There was a time I thought that all language might contain something of value, but most of life is flat and boring and the things we say are too Or maybe it s that most of life is so much stranger than language is able to make room for, so we say the same dead things and hope maybe the who and how of what is said can make it into what we mean Lynn Steger Strong s latest nov

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    A novel about being trapped in exactly the life you were privileged enough to lead The narrator of this novel, 34 year old Elizabeth, is white and has a Ph.D., but she works as an adjunct and, without insurance, has been bankrupted by a Caesarian and bad teeth Her husband has a fewdegrees of freedombut this isn t a novel of overt resentment over women s lives overrun by children an responsibilities, so much as it is

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    3.5 stars Want is a reflection on what people take for granted Elizabeth, the main character, has a husband and family, and is an educator Her husband worked in finance before the 2008 Economic Crisis, but has now been working with his hands As Elizabeth ventures to work each day, she starts to slowly unravel and question her lifestyle To make matters worse, Elizabeth and her husband are filing for bankruptcy As mentioned a

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    On the surface, it would seem like Elizabeth, the heroine of Lynn steger Strong s novel WANT, has the world figured out if she only would stop navel gazing and be thankful for her blessings Her life is enviable by any measure, but it is Strong s honesty and her ability to present the inner life of this woman so clearly that keeps the reader riveted Here are the facts growing up in Florida, Elizabeth had a privileged childhood, foll

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    This is the book I needed to read Read it in a single day, but I m still over here thinking about it The struggle of being a woman right now is dealt with fiercely but with such finesse Haven t found something I ve connected with this much in a while.

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    WANT is a novel that situates the reader under the skin of a mother of two with a PhD, too many teaching jobs, fractured relationships with her parents and friends, a husband struggling to build a business, and pending bankruptcy It s wrenching and fevered and loving I felt like I was living in this book as the challenges and setbacks piled up again and again without much reprieve This layered feeling of constant anxiety pushes at the fraught limi

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    I loved this book Its subject, its style, and its honest description of modern life as it is for many people Working hard, never having enough money, the stress of having to do too much stuff at the same time and trying to be a good partner and parent, a good employee, a good friend etc etc Thank you Henry Holt and Co and Edelweiss for the ARC

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    A contemporary, introspective narration of a young married mother of two young daughters She does no have a flourishing job, sex seems pretty boring with her husband, they have debts up to their necks, she is obsessed with her high school college bestie, she has a complicated relationship with her wealthy parents who keep scolding her At times, I felt Elisabeth s life depressing, I did not understand her Other times, the story felt like a reality check But it was

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