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One Perfect Summer Some Families We Re Born IntoSome We Find For OurselvesWhen Serenity Alston Swabbed Her Cheek For AndMe, She Joked About Uncovering Some Dark Ancestral Scandal The Last Thing She Expected Was To Discover Two Half Sisters She Didn T Know Existed Suddenly, Everything About Her Loving Family Is Drawn Into Question And Meeting These Newfound Sisters Might Be The Only Way To Get AnswersThe Women Decide To Dig Into The Mystery Together At Serenity S Family Cabin In Lake Tahoe With Reagan Navigating Romantic Politics At Work And Lorelei Staring Down The Collapse Of Her Marriage, All Three Women Are Converging At A Crossroads In Their Lives Before The Summer Is Over, They Ll Have To Confront The Past And Determine How To Move Forward When Everything They Previously Thought To Be True Was A Lie But Any Future Is Easier To Face With Family By Your Side

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    3.5 starsI was really enjoying this one but I thought it petered out in the last third I think I would have preferred focus on the sisters lives and less about the whole family tree thing The characters were at interesting points in the lives and the mystery of how they were related wasn t all that important to me I did like this one enoug

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    One Perfect Summer was my first read by Brenda Novak and am so glad I read a book by her I absolutely loved the dynamic duo of the half sisters of Lorelei, Reagan, and Serenity Each of these women are dealing with life challenges and trying to respect the new found relationships they have as sisters I thought the relationships between the si

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    This is an okay read.Not fascinating and at times it slows to a bit of a crawl I kept reading because I liked our sisters and really wanted to know the story behind how they ended up, well, sisters The solution to that mystery wasodd Really odd Not odd in an impossible way Just in a wow did we just entirely change the theme of this book kind

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    I received a free copy of One Perfect Summer from Harlequin via NetGalley This has in no way influenced my voluntary review which is honest and unbiased Novak definitely wrote a new hit with One Perfect Summer Sisterhood for the win even if it wasn t easy for any of them I loved the premise of three women finding each other after taking a DNA

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    This is a story about three women who discover they are half sisters after taking an online DNA test They decide to meet up to try to figure out how they can possibly be related, since all three live in different parts of the US and don t seem to share the same parents Of course the women are going through some major life changes Serenity is de

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    This was an interesting take on the genetic kits that are currently a hit This was a modern, light, easy read Each of the sisters is at a crossroads in life and find each other just when they needed it I loved reading about their relationship and how they come to be sisters by heart I wanted depth, considering that they are all dealing with big

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    Another 5 Star read from Brenda Novak What would you do if you discovered that you have two half sisters that you didn t know existed Would you want to get to know them or is this better left alone This is the challenge of three young women.Serenity is a writer who took a DNA test as research for a book she was writing She was surprised to find t

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    When Serenity Alston swabbed her cheek for 23andMe, she joked about uncovering some dark ancestral scandal The last thing she expected was to discover two half sisters she didn t know existed Suddenly, everything about her loving family is drawn into question And meeting these newfound sisters might be the only way to get answers.The book covers t

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    We were all raised by different families, have different backgrounds and experiences , and come with different emotional makeup maybe even scars So begins the story of Lorelei, Reagan and Serenity 3 siblings who just found each other , via DNA testing , but the big question is how are they related While they all have different reasons for connectin

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    WOW..I was very fortunate to win an ARC copy of this Fabulous Novel on Brenda Novak s Author Page on Facebook.I will not share any of this book with you no spoilers here , but I will let you know that it totally blew me away Ms Novak is an amazingly talented and skillful author, whether she is writing fiction, romance or suspense she has her readers

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