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The Paris Hours One Day In The City Of Lights One Night In Search Of Lost Time Paris Between The Wars Teems With Artists, Writers, And Musicians, A Glittering Crucible Of Genius But Amidst The Dazzling Creativity Of The City S Most Famous Citizens, Four Regular People Are Each Searching For Something They Ve LostCamille Was The Maid Of Marcel Proust, And She Has A Secret When She Was Asked To Burn Her Employer S Notebooks, She Saved One For Herself Now She Is Desperate To Find It Before Her Betrayal Is Revealed Souren, An Armenian Refugee, Performs Puppet Shows For Children That Are Nothing Like The Fairy Tales They Expect Lovesick Artist Guillaume Is Down On His Luck And Running From A Debt He Cannot Repay But When Gertrude Stein Walks Into His Studio, He Wonders If This Is The Day Everything Could Change And Jean Paul Is A Journalist Who Tells Other People S Stories, Because His Own Is Too Painful To Tell When The Quartet S Paths Finally Cross In An Unforgettable Climax, Each Discovers If They Will Find What They Are Looking ForTold Over The Course Of A Single Day In , The Paris Hours Takes Four Ordinary People Whose Stories, Told Together, Are As Extraordinary As The Glorious City They Inhabit

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    This is first and foremost a work of literary fiction I inhaled the pages because of the enhanced prose every word and sentence was bewitching The author took one day in the life of four characters and turned it into a beautiful story Set in post WWI Paris, four ordinary people begin an ordinary day until their paths cross.Mostly, the first few chapters start out with the characters everyday routines Some ordinary stuff But the polished language made these everyday things seem fascinating As

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    Update great book..It was fitting that I read this wonderful novel in one day.as the entire novel takes place in a single day It s truly transporting and immensely satisfying.exactly my favorite type of fiction great old fashion page turning storytelling Having been a fan of two other books by Alex George A Good American , and Setting Free The Kites.I didn t hesitate for a second to read another book by Alex George He s a top notched skillful storyteller In the Author s notes we learn that Alex we

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    The Paris Hours is set during a single day in 1927 I LOVED THAT I also loved the storytelling and was completely swept up in this most memorable story More thoughts to come when I can collect them.I received a gifted copy from the publisher All opinions are my own.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram www.instagram.com tarheelreader

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    3.5 starsThe author came up with an original idea for a story which I always appreciate as a reader It might not have hit me on quite the emotional level I was hoping for, but it was still an enjoyable reading experience Paris in the 1920s was a wise choice for a setting as it s not a time period that is captured as often in historical fiction as say, the 1940s during World War 2 The story takes place over the course of a day and alternates between four characters By the time my copy of the book I arrived at

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    Some things are forgettable, but misfortune is not It dogs you relentlessly once it gets the scent of defeat Down and out, a day late, the wolf at the door all pull up a chair and take residence within the pages of The Paris Hours But lest you feel the weight of all that suppressing you about now, remember that a determined and undaunted soul travels through life with mop and bucket in hand.Alex George sets this story in the midst of the streets of Paris in the late 1920 s The world is still trying to find balance

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    Four stories, four perspectives, Paris and celebrities Four alternating storylines introduce a myriad of characters We have Souren an Armenian puppeteer, Jean Paul a journalist missing his daughter, Guillaume a painter that owes a debt, and Camille housekeeper to Marcel Proust I wanted to fall in love with this story and these characters so much I really grasped to let them draw me in emotionally I found the writing compelling and the stories were strong There were just way too many characters I easily got confused and i

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    Great read lots of wonderful characters great development of the stories surrounding each person.Really enjoyed the fluid images of places, love lost and found Super ending Thank you for the giveaway.

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    I haven t felt this way about a book since I read WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING.Every time I read Alex George and think he could not possibly write a beautiful novel, he does.After turning the last page of The Paris Hours I instantly considered rereading the entire book just so I could experience the magic all over again The Paris Hours will sweep readers off their feet from the very beginning and whisk them away to early 20th century Paris It is lush and poignant, it is raw yet sophisticated it is everything readers have ever wanted in

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    Four ordinary Parisians on a regular day in 1927 mix with the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Marcel Proust and Josephine Baker and Gertrude Stein, and the result is an unexpected overlap of stories and situations One is Camille, who ignored the wishes of her employer Marcel Proust and kept one of his journals Another is painter Guillaume who must find a buyer for his paintings before those to whom he owes money force him to pay up or die Yet another is Souran, a refugee from Armenia, who puts on puppet shows to assuage his demons And final

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    Set in Paris in 1927, the City of Lights, vibrates with artists of all kinds However, the story gives the center stage to four ordinary people, who rub elbows with famous artists By meeting another person, they learn something about themselves And sometimes what one person needs is simply kindness.Armenian refugee, Souren Balakian, escapes brutality of his native country imposed by invading Turks Being forced from their homes and driven eastwards, into the Syrian desert, to die He makes his way to Europe, remembering his mother s words, there w

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