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More Than Love Natasha lost her mother, actress Natalie Wood, when she was 11 years old, and her sister Courtney was just 7 After Wood drowned in a boating accident, the sisters were raised by Robert Wagner, Courtney s dad and Natasha s stepfather She discusses her memories of growing up with and without her beloved mom, mentioning that her aunt has tried to have the case reopened, accusing Robert Wagner of murdering her mother when they were on the boat She comes across as a strong woman in her own right, enduring a cheating husband and the addiction of her beloved sister She is overjoyed to become a mom at 41, and I liked how she described her motherhood The Japanese have a method of repairing broken pottery called kintsugi Instead of trying to disguise cracks, they highlight them with a special gold glue that makes the repaired piece beautiful than the original.I had been a motherless daughter since age eleven I was broken and my baby Clover was my golden glue. I received an advance reading copy of this book from NetGalley.com in return for a fair review First off, I wanted to read this book for several reasons I am a movie lover especially movies made before 1950 Natalie Wood has always been one of my very favorite actresses like the author, Natasha Gregson Wagner Natalie s daughter , I was also a motherless child Believe me it s not a club you want to join Unlike me, Natasha grew up in world filled with movies and celebrities Her mother and two dads her biological father, Richard Gregson, and her step dad, Robert Wagner lavished her with love As a youngster, she suffered from severe separation anxiety whenever her mother was away It s hard to tell whether, it was a child s insecurity or a premonition of what was to come, but either way, Natasha had a deep rooted fear Imagine when the unthinkable happened when she was just 11 years old Now terrified that other people she loved would be torn away from her, she grew up in a constant state of anxiety I totally understand the feeling and I was rooting for her She tells her mother s story frankly and explains how Natalie Wood supported her eccentric family from the time she was a little girl She talks about her two dads and the important roles they both played in her life She reminisces about the sweet moments she shared with her mother, but she is also quite candid about the drinking and other issues that went on in their home She speculates on how her life might have been different if her mother had lived Natasha did a fine job bringing her mother to life and sharing her own story I was glad to see that she eventually found her way and was blessed with a little girl of her own Although there is much about Natalie Wood we will never know for sure, I truly believe without any doubt she would be very proud of her daughter who always seemed to put one foot in front of the other and move forward despite the difficulties she faced. Natalie Wood s oldest daughter tells the story of her mother, their relationship, and her life after her mother s death It s an intelligent, well written memoir that deals with not only losing a mother as a child, but also with having a famous mother whose life and death affected family, friends, acquaintances, and a whole lot of strangers One of the saddest aspects of the story was how Natasha Gregson Wagner always feared, as a young child, that her mother would one day go somewhere and never come back home She even carried out obsessive rituals to ensure her mother s safe return.In addition, since there were no witnesses to Natalie Wood s drowning, Ms Wagner has had to deal with her death being reinvestigated and having her beloved stepfather Robert Wagner accused by others of knowing exactly what happened as well as even accused of killing his wife The author explains in the memoir how she could not possibly believe such a thing, and offers evidence that those who have tried to make Mr Wagner guilty are only out for money, or revenge because he no longer gave them money Maybe Natalie Wood was the only one who could have explained what happened, maybe not Regardless, after going somewhere, she never came back home, just as her oldest daughter always feared would happen one day Note I received a free e ARC of this book from NetGalley and the author or publisher. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest opinion of this book.The book s title says it all Natasha Gregson Wagner is an intensely private person who rarely talked about her mom, Natalie Wood, even when there were officially sanctioned documentaries about the movie star s life The fact that she finally felt at peace enough with her mom s death to write a book about her says a lot Natasha was very close to her mother Too close, some would say She grew up always wanting her mother at her side, had severe anxiety every time her mother left her, and then had the unthinkable happen to her Having lost my own champion, my father, die when I was a child, I have an inkling to what Gregson Wagner went through But I didn t have to deal with the unscrupulous press and a vindictive aunt continually dredging up a parent s death Years of therapy, good and bad relationships, and becoming a mother led to this book being written It s heartfelt, and well written It dragged a little in the middle, when Natasha herself was trying to find herself as an adult, so I can t give it a full five stars, but it is a solid 4.5. Growing up in the sixties, it would have been next to impossible to have not heard of Natalie Wood She was one of the top female movie stars of the day Between watching her movies at the theater and at home on TV when they were played on The Late Show, I was a big fan She has been the subject of many books and magazine articles over my lifetime, and her suspicious death in 1981, only added to the mystery More Than Love is written by her eldest child, a daughter, who was conceived during her short marraige to Richard Gregson, the man she married during the 3 years that she was divorced from Robert Wagner, whom she eventually remarried Natasha Gregson Wagner tells an unusual story about her own life as well as that of her mother She had a very unusual life, as is typical of children of very famous stars As Natalie s first child, she is both blessed and cursed Her story is an interesting one, and she has successfully written a book that tells it in an honest and heartbreaking way She covers every aspect of her life, and her assessment of what really happened to her mother I highly recommend this book, and would like to thank Netgalley and Simon and Schuster Publishing for the opportunity to preview this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review. I am a big fan of Natalie Wood I love to watch her old movieswhat a star I am fascinated and intrigued by her life and this book is lovely It is so detailed and is really a touching love story, well written by a much loved, and loving, daughter This is a must read for all fans, and those who will become fans. This book beautifully examines the relationship of Natasha to her mother, Natalie Wood, in life and death It also addresses the highly publicized circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood s untimely death Natasha s words are an ode to her mother, but also a salve to anyone who navigates life as a motherless daughter To navigate life simultaneously searching for and running from a lost loved one is something Natasha very accurately portrays The journey of grief is humanely profound blessing and a curse, yet a remarkable gift This book is deeply moving Read it. The Heartbreaking, Never Before Told Story Of Hollywood Icon Natalie Wood S Glamorous Life, Sudden Death, And Lasting Legacy, Written By Her Daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner More Than Love Is A Memoir Of Loss, Grief, And Coming Of Age By A Daughter Of Hollywood Royalty Natasha Gregson Wagner S Mother, Natalie Wood, Was A Child Actress Who Became A Legendary Movie Star, The Dark Haired Beauty Of Splendor In The Grass, Rebel Without A Cause, And West Side Story She And Natasha S Stepfather, The Actor Robert Wagner, Were A Hollywood It Couple Twice Over, First In The S, And Then Again When They Remarried In The S But Natalie S Sudden Death By Drowning Off Catalina Island At The Age Of Forty Three Devastated Her Family, Made Her Stepfather A Person Of Interest, And Turned A Vibrant Wife, Mother, And Actress Into A Tragic Figure The Events Of That Weekend Have Long Been A Mystery, And Despite The Rumors, Scandalous Media Coverage, And Accusations Of Wrongdoing, There Has Never Been An Account Of How The Tragedy Was Experienced By Her Daughter For The First Time Natasha Addresses The Questions Surrounding That Night To Clear Her Beloved Stepfather S Name More Than Love Begins On The Morning After Her Mother S Death In November When Eleven Year Old Natasha Hears The News On The Radio That Her Mother S Body Has Been Found Off The Coast Of Catalina After Her Parents Had Spent The Weekend On The Family Boat, The Splendour From This Profound And Shattering Loss, Natasha Shares Her Memories Of Her Earliest Bonds With Her Mother Her Warm, Loving, And Slightly Chaotic Childhood As The Daughter Of Two Stars The Lost And Confused Years Of Her Adolescence And Her Halting Attempts To Move Forward As A Young Woman Beautifully Told, More Than Love Is An Emotionally Powerful Tale Of A Daughter Coming To Terms With Her Grief, As Well As A Riveting Portrait Of A Famous Mother And A Vanished Hollywood More Than Love is a heartfelt, forthright memoir about Natalie Wood s oldest daughter Natasha s life was and continues to be irrevocably intertwined with her mother s She has suffered from angst and anxiety most of her life, even before losing her mother at the age of 11 I ve read several books about Natalie Wood, including the ones she debunks It s refreshing to read the daughters perspective and see how much she does resemble her mother, aside from the physical features Thanks to Edelweiss and Scribner for the early read. Thank you to Scribner and Net Galley for an advance of this book, in exchange for my honest review I was a Natalie Wood fan, but being a bit behind her in age, most of what I knew, frankly, came from what my grandma called scandal sheets That said, when Natalie passed, I was struck by sadness for someone leaving behind her daughters, how it would affect the girls the rest of their lives and how something like this could have happened We will never know exactly what occurred that dark night But, I admire her daughter Natasha for taking on the hard job of being honest about her mom and being honest about her own struggles What a really wonderful book.

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