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The Mountain (Ryan Decker #3) The plot may be a little over the top, but this is a very entertaining story if you like action The characters are great, but there is too much unnecessary dialogue to be perfect. Ryan Decker has a reputation for leaving a pile of dead bodies in his wake He seems to be a magnet for bad guys When the opportunity to leave the Los Angeles area in order to help a friend of Senator Steele s in northern California becomes available, he hopes to get a break from that legacy With Harlow Mackenzie and the rest of her team in tow, Ryan encounters something much sinister than just locating a missing person.Konkoly s third novel in The Ryan Decker series, The Mountain is by far the best of the series It s highly engaging and draws the reader in so deep that is it hard to put down The plot twists and turns as often as the roads that lead up the mountain His world building is vividly descriptive The reoccurring support characters get a little fleshed out And, the relationship between Ryan and Harlow is integrated in such a way that it doesn t overwhelm the action.Senator Steele is committed to righting wrongs no matter how powerful the opposition This time though she may have wandered into a force she may not be able to reckon with The heart pounding ending will leave you wanting.5 out of 5 stars This book is expected to be published July 14, 2020 I received this book through the Read Now program on NetGalley.Ryan Decker and Pam had just been on a simple surveillance when it erupted into a shootout Because of that, both Ryan wound up on restricted duty The team receives a call from Senator Steele who makes a request that they check out the disappearance of the son of one of the Senator s friends The last location for him was the place identified as the Mountain where a lot of marijuana plants were being grown.Pam and Ryan went to check into the disappearance and their vist to the Mountain raised some feathers Ryan and Pam received a visit from members of the wolfpack who attempted to kill them Pam was heavily wounded and only action by Ryan ultimately saved her It took awhile before Ryan s team mates became aware of the situation, but once hey learned about it, they sent a group to look into the situation Once they arrived, they were able to get co operation from the Sheriff, things started to progress The group overseeing the marijuana operation had big plans and they needed to make sure that they were able to transport the plants to another location for processing Ryan and the rest of the team, in addition to the Sheriff s department were able to force the group off of the Mountain to the other location where there was a plan in place that would ultimately wind uo with an attack occurring.If you want to find out what group was involved in the marijuana operation and how Ryan s group fared, then you will need to read the book which I recommend highly. Ryan Decker and trouble meet again.Things to know I read an advance copy of this, the third book, in an ongoing series It should be available to everyone on July 14, 2020 I highly recommend reading the first two books, in the meantime, to gain a better understanding of the main characters and the background for their interactions In case you or someone in your family is sensitive, you should know there is violence and adult language Plus, there are mentions of drugs and human trafficking.Ryan Decker doesn t go looking for trouble but in his line of work it often finds him While awaiting a ruling from his local area law enforcement on a situation that got out of hand, he and Harlow receive a call from Senator Steele regarding a missing person The catch, the person was last seen in an area of California known for people disappearing and never returning Always up for a challenge, Decker scopes out the situation Did he bite off than he could chew this time Mr Konkoly does a wonderful job of varying the point of view The reader has the opportunity to get to know all the players and where they fit into the bigger picture As I read the finally words, I knew I have to read the next book I m looking forward to doing just that I hope you ll join me. I don t know how Ryan Decker survives pretty much unscathed in all his escapades I m glad Senator Steele uses her wealth for good, but I can t imagine having that kind of money to fund their operations I like the members of the team, and felt like they were fleshed out in this book But this book is pretty much about the action, and there s plenty of it to keep you up at night reading. Ryan Decker is back in this third installment in the series, and the action and body count is higher than ever Decker and his crew are tasked with investigating the disappearance of the son of a friend of Senator Steele, their group s benefactor The investigation leads to a multi billion dollar marijuana operation, and in true Decker fashion, everything soon goes to hell Another great story in the series, lots of action, and as usual really over the top gun battles, but fans will be extremely pleased with the action in this one, and the ending sets up the next book, which is great to see Another win in a highly entertaining series I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Book 3 does not disappoint If you enjoyed the first 2, the action picks right back up in this Ryan Decker adventure I enjoy these books and the military speak is not overdone Can t wait for the next book. Not his best work but action scenes were good, as was the storyline I will look forward to his next book. THE MOUNTAIN by Steven Konkoly is the third book in the Ryan Decker series and the second one in the series that I have read While this book worked well as a standalone novel but reading the series in order would provide additional depth and background Senator Steele asks Ryan and the team to investigate the disappearance of a friend s son on Northern California s Murder Mountain Despite legalization, there are many illegal marijuana farms in the area and strangers tend to disappear Ryan Decker is working as a private investigator and his partner is Harlow Mackenzie What starts out as a favor, soon turns into a high stakes mission The story largely takes place in California except for a couple of scenes near the end It is exactly what you would expect from a well written action thriller with lots of concern over who can be trusted as well as plenty of information on weapons and covert gear There was a lot character development in this book It was so full of action and excitement that it kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next I was fully engaged in the mission becoming a success The goals were clear and the motivations were believable The secondary characters were well rounded without overwhelming the story The plot twists were believable and there was a major reveal near the end of the book that sets up book four in the series.Overall, this book was suspenseful, riveting, fast paced and entertaining Steven Konkoly has become one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading from him If you enjoy action thrillers that have both strong male and female characters, then this may be the series for you Many thanks to Thomas Mercer and Steven Konkoly for a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Investigating A Missing Persons Case On Murder Mountain Means Looking For Trouble In A Propulsive Thriller By The Author Of The RaidWhen Someone Disappears On Northern California S Lawless Murder Mountain, It Isn T News The Vast Terrain For Illegal Marijuana Harvests Is Also A Notorious Black Hole For Outsiders But When That Someone Is The Family Friend Of The Persuasive And Righteous Senator Steele, Finding Him Becomes Covert Investigator Ryan Decker S MissionFor Decker, The Risks Of Infiltrating A Multibillion Dollar Outlaw Industry Are Greater Than He Could Possibly Understand Especially When That Industry Has Flourished Into The Profitable Backbone Of A Secretive And Influential DC Based Think Tank And Protecting Its Untraceable Revenue In The Emerald Triangle Is A Band Of Ruthless White NationalistsWhat Begins As A Seemingly Straightforward Favor Soon Pulls Decker And His Partner, Harlow Mackenzie, Into A High Stakes Conspiracy Linked To The Most Cold Blooded Puppet Masters And Power Brokers In The Country The Harder Decker And Harlow Work To Expose The Insidious Faction, The Harder It Ll Be To Make It Out Of Murder Mountain Alive

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