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Magic Forged (Hall of Blood and Mercy, #1) I M One Scrappy Wizard As Someone With Barely A Flicker Of Magic, I Ve Spent My Life Being Mocked And Surviving Fights With Bullies But When My Parents Die In An Accident, And I Find Myself Responsible For Our Whole Wizard House And Family, I Know My Usual Tactics Aren T Going To Cut ItThe Situation Veers From Bad To Catastrophic When My Backstabbing Cousin Stages A Coup And Takes My Family Hostage I Barely Manage To Flee, But The Only Supernatural Willing To Help Me Is Killian Drake The Most Feared Vampire In The Region, And A Far Deadly Villain Than The Jerk Threatening My FamilyIs Killian Sexy And Charismatic Heck YeahHe S Also So Powerful That My Flight Or Fight Instincts Kick In Every Time Our Eyes Meet And He S Definitely Using Me As His Personal Magic Detector In His Feud Against The Local FaeBut Killian Is Also The First Person To Believe I Might Have Than Just A Scrap Of Magic And If I Can Convince Him To Train Me, I Might Get Strong Enough To Free My Family And Get My House BackI M Not Sure What Happens When A Scrappy Wizard Is Taught How To Fight By A Hall Of Deadly Vampires, But I M About To Find Out Magic Forged Is The First Book In The Hall Of Blood And Mercy Trilogy, Which Features Vampires, Wizards, Fae, And Werewolves It S Packed With Humor, Adventure, And A Sweet, Slow Burn Romance Between A Vertically Challenged Wizard And The Most Lethal Vampire In Town

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    Rounding this up to 5 stars because I devoured it and I ve been in a rounding up mood for rating books lately.Cute, fun, fast read I already know this author and enjoy her books so I was excited when she announced a new trilogy It s an urban fiction book This author writes clean, fantasy romance with a lot of fairy tale retellings She did a good job with the Urban Fiction.This story is not for people who like a

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    This was so much fun I love Hazel, Killian, Celestina, Josh, and the rest of the characters The relationship between Killian and Hazel is fun and full of hilarious banter, with just a slight bit of ever growing attraction and sexual tension I really like that fact that she s being trained by them, which is quite cool, and is becoming closer to everyone in the Drake Family I can t wait for book two, as it s sure to be jus

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    An Amazing BeginningRating 5 starsHazel was funny, smart and tough Loved every moment of this book and all its cast of interesting, fresh characters As usual, the world building is thrilling and well constructed I can t wait until the next book which will conclude this fun duology.

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    Don t get me wrong, urban fantasy still isn t my thing, but K M Shea knows how to make it enjoyable I wasn t sure how I d think of this book, but overall it s not bad Things I Liked Hazel She was a fun MC, and I liked how her struggles with her moral code were portrayed the slightly serious tone of the plot, I guess Most of Kitty s books are fluffy and light, but they always have heart It s just that this one definitely delved deeper into

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    This was a fun quick read on KU for free I had a good time reading about the world building and magical creatures witches, vamps, fae, and werewolves I also like Hazel as a character for the most part, and even though the romantic lead is a bit of a jerk here and there I m seeing potential for some steamy romance However, The only thing I wish was that the h stuck up for herself with the other vampires hopefully in the next book I m guessing

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    When I heard K.M Shea was making a return to urban fantasy, I was beyond excited She s been one of my favorite authors since I first read My Life at the MBRC the first book in her only other urban fantasy series Urban fantasy is where I became a fan of her writing, and after all this time, it was awesome to be able to step back into that kind of world with her again If you re looking for an exact repeat of MBRC, Magic Forged isn t it It is darker, adult feeli

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    Magic Forged by KM Shea is fabulous I love and re read her YA urban fantasy series, The Magical Beings Rehabilitation Center, and Magic Forged has that same energetic, wryly funny and original vibe The world building is great, with lots of potential for conflict as well as unexpected friendships Whilst I m not normally a fan of vampires, the ones in this story are awesome And it s great to have a story where a powerful vampire doesn t fall into insta lust with the heroi

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    Swearing I have read everything KM Shea has written This book was delightful plot wise, a bit darker then most of her other books, but still something I could happily devour and escape into a great book, trying to solve the mystery and determine who is the murderer While also getting me to laugh along the way.The reason I docked stars is because she included 2 instances of swearing shadey as hell and bad I m just disappointed I think KM Shea is a brilliant author, and has managed

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    I never thought I d find a story that featured vampires fun and easy, but lo and behold, that s how I found this story world The writing was easy to read and the story was engaging I m curious to see what the author has in store for this likable heroine and arrogant hero.

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    I have been looking forward to this book since news of it dropped on Kitty s website Let me get this out of the way I m a huge fan I ve read almost every book series she s written except two I m in love with everything while all her books are simple compared to others I ve read from different authors, it literally doesn t matter Her books are fun, entertaining, and most importantly hold my interest I m a much pickier reader now than I ever was, so it makes it extremely difficult to find books that

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