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The Last Flight Two Women Two Flights One Last Chance To DisappearClaire Cook Has A Perfect Life Married To The Scion Of A Political Dynasty, With A Manhattan Townhouse And A Staff Of Ten, Her Surroundings Are Elegant, Her Days Flawlessly Choreographed, And Her Future Auspicious But Behind Closed Doors, Nothing Is Quite As It Seems That Perfect Husband Has A Temper That Burns As Bright As His Promising Political Career, And He S Not Above Using His Staff To Track Claire S Every Move, Making Sure She S Living Up To His Impossible Standards But What He Doesn T Know Is That Claire Has Worked For Months On A Plan To VanishA Chance Meeting In An Airport Bar Brings Her Together With A Woman Whose Circumstances Seem Equally Dire Together They Make A Last Minute Decision To Switch Tickets Claire Taking Eva S Flight To Oakland, And Eva Traveling To Puerto Rico As Claire They Believe The Swap Will Give Each Of Them The Head Start They Need To Begin Again Somewhere Far Away But When The Flight To Puerto Rico Goes Down, Claire Realizes It S No Longer A Head Start But A New Life Cut Off, Out Of Options, With The News Of Her Death About To Explode In The Media, Claire Will Assume Eva S Identity, And Along With It, The Secrets Eva Fought So Hard To Keep Hidden The Last Flight Is The Story Of Two Women Both Alone, Both Scared And One Agonizing Decision That Will Change The Trajectory Of Both Of Their Lives

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    THIS WAS THE BEST THRILLER I HAVE READ THIS YEAR BAR NONE CLAIRE She married into a political dynasty, and she is expected to perform her role as the future Senator s wife, PERFECTLY.EVA Despite being raised in the Foster Care system, she is doing well

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    The Last Flight is the story of Eva and Claire, two women in untenable positions, who find in each other a way out But when fate gets in the way, a split second decision turns out to bring consequences than even they could have guessed.That s the premise of

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    This one is perfect for suspense fans who want a tick of upmarket women s fiction feel I was sucked in and engrossed, and with some gut punches along the way, I really felt for both Eva and Claire Start to finish, this one was a winner for me.Initially I was drawn

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    I ll be honest, kind of wary of these female driven suspense thrillers lately There are just too many of them out there right now, trying to out convolute each other Often too preoccupied with stunning the readers with the prerequisite plots twists to do the actual work

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    The Last Flight will propel you head first into the frantic lives of two women, both determined to escape their current reality Julie Clark weaves their stories effortlessly, delivering a pitch perfect suspense novel that absolutely lives up to its hype Do yourself a favor and

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    First off I want to thank netgalley, sourcebooks authorjulieclarke for my advanced copy in exchange for an honest review This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, I needed to keep reading to find out what would happen I really enjoyed the back in forth in time

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    The Last Flight by Julie Clark is a thrilling story about two women desperate to escape their current lives, so desperate that when they meet in an airport, a split decision is made, one that will alter the course of both their lives in ways that they couldn t possibly foresee We have

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    Two women who need to escape their lives switch plane tickets When one of the planes crashes it opens up new possibilities This was a very quick and entertaining read that left me guessing how it would end I enjoyed this book immensely and I thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and revie

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    I requested this one because the plot seemed interesting, not knowing much about it, or honestly expecting much To my surprise, I was hooked after the first few chapters I was instantly pulled in, wanting to learn about Claire and Eva s troubles and what they were running away from Julie Clark wrote

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    Unfortunately, this book did not wow me The two main characters were really well fleshed out but I could not connect with either one How their tragic stories converge was interesting but I just found the story line to be so so I would recommend because the way the two women find a way out of their lives wa

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